Install Etlas on your system


You'll download the Etlas binary for your platform and make it available in your system PATH so that you can use the etlas command from your terminal. Etlas will install Eta for you when you build your first project.


You must have the following installed on your system:


  1. Download the etlas executable for your platform below.

    Etlas v1.5.0.0


    On Safari the extension of the etlas binary is dms when it shouldn't have an extension at all. You can fix this by manually renaming the file to avoid the .dms extension.

  2. If on Linux or OS X, give the program executable permissions.

    $ chmod +x /path/to/etlas

  3. Place the downloaded binary in in your $PATH and verify that it is.

    $ etlas --version

  4. Make sure java is on the $PATH.

    $ java -version

  5. Ensure that you have updated to the latest version of Eta.

    $ etlas update
    $ etlas select latest

  6. As soon as you start using etlas, eta and the standard libraries will be downloaded automatically for you on demand.

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