Bug Report

Instructions to file a bug report

I think I found a bug in the compiler!

If you see this message: eta.exe: panic! (the 'impossible' happened), then you have definitely found a bug in the compiler. It's also possible that your code is not well-typed, but if you see this message, please fill a bug report on the Eta GitHub repository.

If you see a compiler error message confuses you, that's a bug too. We are working on improving error messages. please fill a bug report on the Eta GitHub repository.

How do I know the bug I found isn't a bug that already exists in the issue tracker?

If you don't have enough time for a search, then don't worry about that. Just submit the bug. If it's a duplicate, somebody will notice that and close it.

If you have the time for it, it would be great if you could search the issue tracker to see if there is an existing bug similar to your problem. If there is, and it's an open bug, you can comment on that issue and say you are also affected. We will prioritize such bugs.

What information should I include in a bug report?

It helps our diagnosis to include the following:

  1. Include your specific OS. Example: Mac OS X 10.0.0, Windows 10, Ubuntu 12.04
  2. Steps to reproduce the bug.
    Issue Name: OutOfMemoryError in eta.runtime.io.ByteArray.create

    Etlas gives this error message when running etlas test with missing dependencies:

    etlas: Encountered missing dependencies: HUnit -any, hspec >=1.3, mockery -any, temporary -any Run 'etlas install --dependencies-only' to install the dependencies.

    It should suggest to add the --enable-tests flag.

  3. If you get an exception, provide the full stacktrace. In case the stacktrace is too long put it in a GitHub gist and link it to the original bug report.

I submitted a bug, but nobody has commented on it!

This is sad, but does happen sometimes. If you submit a bug and you haven't heard back from us within 7 business days, please reach out to us via the Eta Gitter channel, or the Eta mailing list regarding the status of the bug.

What if I found a bug in other external projects/tools of Eta?

If you found in other projects, file the bug report in the appropriate issue tracker:

  1. Eta Hackage
  2. Eta Gradle plugin
  3. sbt-eta plugin
  4. Etlas
  5. Eta FFI
  6. Eta Fibers